Articles - Commercial & Media

The articles listed below are a selection that contain examples where my artwork has been used in the media, for example age progressing celebrities.

Living TV - 'The Changing Face of...'

As the 'grand finale' to each of 6 programmes within this series I was asked to produce age progressions of 7 well known celebrities: Victoria & David Beckham; Cheryl Cole; Madonna; Kylie Minogue; Sharon Osbourne; Katie Price. I was also featured in each programme explaining the processes involved in each detailed age progression.

Sunday Mirror - Michael Jackson

The Sunday Mirror made a request for me to age progress Michael Jackson, had he not had any cosmetic surgery, in time for his 50th birthday. This image was subsequently used in various other media features including being shown on GMTV.

National Geographic - James Dean

Fifty years after his death the National Geographic produced a documentary of James Dean's life and commissioned me to produce an age progression of him which was used to advertise the programme.

Daily Mail - Lord Lucan

Thirty years after his disappearance I was commissioned to produce an age progression of Lord Lucan. The case of his disappearance remains unsolved.

Cosmopolitan magazine - "When I'm 44"

I was asked to age progress four '20-something' couples, taking their differing lifestyles into account.