Age Progression & Image Enhancement

Age progression is a technique used to produce an image of how a person may look many years after the last available photo was taken. An age progressed image can be a most useful tool for police and other organisations to publicise cases of both missing children and adults (either vulnerable or wanted). The technique can be enormously effective in creating new publicity for older cases, which can generate more information regarding a particular person’s whereabouts, and can also provide additional support to the relatives and friends of missing people. Previous clients include:

Greater Manchester police; Child Focus, Belgium; Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP); Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA); MET police; Guardai police, Ireland; South Wales police; Northumbria police; West Midlands police.

See examples in my Media Portfolio.

Image enhancement can be used to alter an image, and thus an individual's appearance in ways other than age. Examples include hairstyle changes, facial hair addition/removal, weight loss or gain and removing backgrounds or other people.

Age progression and image enhancement can also be used in commercial, media or personal contexts to predict how someone may look when older, after cosmetic surgery, or to illustrate a change in appearance such as with a new hairstyle, weight loss or gain etc.

Clients include: Cosmopolitan magazine; BBC - Missing drama; BBC - Missing Live; ITV - Tonight with Trevor MacDonald; National Geographic; Daily Mirror; Sunday Mirror; Living TV; Daily Mail.