Age progression images

Missing & police cases

Some examples of age progressions can be viewed below. All cases are missing from or within the UK unless otherwise stated.

Whilst every effort goes into keeping the status and information regarding missing persons cases up to date this site cannot guarantee to have all relevant information available. If you are aware of any change in status of any of the cases shown, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Most importantly: If you have any information as to the whereabouts of any of the missing persons cases listed here please contact the relevant police force or the charity Missing People - and more information can be found here, through the Missing Persons Information Hub:

Madeleine McCann

Aged from 3 to 5

Katrice Lee

Aged from 2 to 6

Katrice Lee

Aged to 11 and 16

Maria Aldridge

Age from 10 to 17 & 59

Denis Walsh

Aged from 24 to late 30s

Elizabeth Ogungbayibi

Aged from 5 to 9

Sofia Oliveira. Portugal.

Aged from 2 to 5

Nathalie Geijsbregts. Belgium.

Aged from 10 to 28

Nadia Fawzi - FOUND

Aged from 4 to 6

Maria. Finland.

Aged from 2 to 13

Bruce Gapper

Aged late 30s to 50

Sean Durkin

Age from 33 to 55

JorgeSepilveda. Portugal.

Aged from 13 to 30

Claudia Silva Sousa. Portugal.

Aged from 7 to 19

Dylan Gomez

Aged from 4 to 9

Trevor O'Donnell

Aged from 23 to 38

Manchester police, convicted case

Aged from 20s to 60

Manchester police, convicted case

Aged from 20s to 60

Anthony Donnellan

Aged from 28 to early 40s

Jeffrey Allen

Aged from 16 to 40