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The list below includes all the examples of my work shown in the Portfolio pages of this website.  Specific examples can be found using the sort function in the list below, or to browse any of the Articles, Pictures or Videos please use the links to the left. 

If you are interested in something you cannot find here please feel free to contact me.

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NameDescriptionTypePage link
NameDescriptionTypePage link
BBC One - Missing Live series Highlights of series 1 Video BBC Missing Live Highlights 
BBC One - Inside Out Interview describing age progression work Video BBC: Inside Out 
BBC News - CEOP Interview - age progressions of offenders Video BBC News: CEOP cases 
Manchester Police Police reference to age progressions of offenders Video Greater Manchester Police 
Koppen. Beligium TV Belgium missing children age progression cases. Video Een Koppen, Belgium TV 
Sky News Interview where I describe age progression techniques Video Sky News 
BBC online / Telegraph - Nadia Fawzi Age progression - Greater Manchester police Missing/police article Nadia Fawzi 
Manchester Evening News - Gooch Gang Age progressions - Greater Manchester police campaign Missing/police article Gooch gang 
James Dean - National Geographic  Anniversary celebrity age progression Commercial Article TV Now - James Dean 
Cosmopolitan magazine 'When I'm 44' - Age progressions Commercial Article Cosmopolitan magazine 
NPIA Missing Persons Bureau newsletter article Post mortem tattoo image enhancement Unidentified article NPIA newsletter 
Michael Jackson - Sunday Mirror Celebrity age progression Commercial Article Sunday Mirror - Michael Jackson 
Lord Lucan - Daily Mirror Anniversary age progression Commercial Article Daily Mail - Lord Lucan 
Living TV - 'The Changing Face of...' Heat magazine Celebrity age progressions - TV review Commercial Article Heat magazine TV review 
Living TV - 'The Changing Face of...' TV Choice Celebrity age progressions - TV review Commercial Article TV Choice - 'The Changing Face Of...' review 
Hertfordshire police success Identification made through forensic artwork Unidentified article Hertfordshire police newsletter 
Northamptonshire newspaper Facial reconstruction used in appeal Unidentified article Northamptonshire article 
Aberdeen Press & Journal West Scotland post mortem image in police appeal Unidentified article Aberdeen Press & Journal 
Carlisle News North Yorkshire post mortem image in police appeal Unidentified article Carlisle News 
BBC online Kent police use post mortem image in appeal Unidentified article Folkstone, Kent - unidentified appeal 
Bexley Extra newspaper Describing my identification work Unidentified article Bexley Extra newspaper 
Showing 21 items